Cleaning Zen and Philosophy

Hi I am Jason from Clean Craft.
I am hear to tell you about why we are the best choice to have clean your carpets, furniture, tile or any of the services we have available!

We are knowledgeable in all legitimate cleaning styles out there and my family has been doing this for almost 40 years.

The type of cleaning we do best is using the environment to do the job for us. Its Safe its green it works… Products used in our carpet cleaning are similar to ocean water but with just the stuff we want in it. The stuff that gets the job done, drys fast and  residue free.

Our favorite whole house deodorization is effective and uses only natural essential oils to remove odors safe and effectively.

We don’t mop tile we pressure wash it and remove the water simultaneously. In seconds the filth is out of the house! No worries about spreading it around.

Our ultra high efficiency truck mounted equipment gives us all the heat, pressure, and suction needed to get in and out fast and clean.

Do you have pets? Dogs, Cats, chickens, birds, geese, horse, fish, turtles, pigs? If so your house might look like ours. We love our pets and yours are never a problem.