FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Rev: 2.2.16



    1. What to Expect.
    2. How long to dry?
    3. What will not come out in the general cleaning process?
    4. What’s the New Spot Guarantee policy?
    5. Do you move furniture?
    6. Is there residue?
    7. Are rotary machines better?
    8. How do you charge?
    9. Are you insured or bonded?
    10. Are you properly trained and certified?
    11. How are area rugs cleaned?
    12. How is natural stone and tile cleaned?


    1. What to Expect. A. After inspecting the area we will then start the set up process. We place towels or mats to keep things clean. We place corner guards in areas where hoses may hit the walls. We set up hoses to protect plants and walls. We mix solutions for the prespray, spotter, cleaner, rinses and protectors. Because hot solutions work best we will have our equipment running before we start the cleaning and while we are setting up. We will typically set up equipment in the furthest room and work our way out. We pre-vacuum and prespray the area far enough in advance to allow the cleaning solutions to be most effective. We start the cleaning using our basic spotter as needed. We clean until we can’t clean any more. This means we will go over a area repeatedly to get the best results. As we work our way out we will be setting up fans as needed. We will than groom to apply protectors and remove wand marks, After we finish the cleaning process we will go over the cleaning with you and confirm we did a good job and up to your standards and expectations. After the work has been inspected we will than load all the equipment allowing the fans to dry as long as possible. Payment is due at completion unless otherwise noted. Most payments are made by check but we except all forms of payment.
    2. How long to dry? A: Most of the time carpets and furniture are dry before we leave. Sometime it can take 24 hours depending on weather, material or process. If it does take longer than 24 hours let me know immediately so I can correct it.
    3. What will not come out in the general cleaning process?A: Dye’s may not come out unless the carpet has protectors. Filtration soiling which comes from small carbon partials from the heating system may lighten but generally needs additional cleaning. We obviously can not remove any damaged or bleached stains Dyeing is an option. Natural fibers may bleed tannin which are dyes and do not come up with general cleaning. We can remove color from dye and often make the stain invisible with out removing the original color! Tannin stains can often be removed by adjusting the PH. Urine and other biological stains require additions process to come out completely.
    4. Whats you Guarantee policy? A: If we cleaned it we will protect it from any new spills for 30 days. At no cost to you! No tricks just our commitment to your satisfaction.
    5. Do you move furniture?A: We do move small items and we can move everything for a fee.We will open doors to clean under them. We only charge for cleanable space except with some promotions.
    6.  Is there a residue? Our goal is to leave no residue. However if I cleaned with just filtered water I would leave some residue and I wouldn’t get things as clean as possible. I am chemically sensitive and only use natural and safe cleaning solutions but leaving zero residue is not realistic. Companies that claim it are either not honest or not educated.
    7. Are rotary machines better? A: For the carpet cleaner it can make the work easier however they do not clean better and can often take longer not to mention they have trouble in small areas and miss a lot because of it. People think that rotary machines provide better agitation but the agitation actually comes from the water pressure not the rotary head or the wand.
    8. How do you charge? Carpet we charge by the square foot of cleanable space and by the procedures we use. Upholstery is charged by the linear foot and the material to be cleaned. Protectors on furniture have a flat fee and on carpet is charged by the square foot. We do have a minimum charge.
    9. Are you insured or bonded? Yes we are both bonded and fully insured for the work we do.
    10. Are you properly trained and certified? I believe in continuing education and have been trained on nearly everything in the industry first getting certified 26 years ago.
    11. How are area rugs cleaned(oriental, Persian, Afghan)? We can only clean these in plant. Rugs are picked up and dropped off at no charge. Rugs are first inspected,we look for damages the type of fabric and the dyes used. We than remove as much dry material as possible by running the rug through a state of the art dusting machine to remove 80% of dry soil. This is followed by large commercial vacuum called a pile lifter. Rugs are than submerged and genitally washed by master rug cleaners with safe non toxic solutions and rinsed. Once rinsed the rugs are place in a high speed ringer these ringers can expand the carpet making it more fluffy and removes most of the moister. We than apply optional protectors rugs are than hung to dry with heaters fans and dehumidifiers. Rugs are than brushed and groom. Rugs are wrapped and returned. Rug can take 3 to 4 days to clean and dry. Because of the space and time we need to clean the rugs its a first come first cleaned basis It may take up to 3 weeks. Ask for currant time frame.
    12. How is natural stone and tile cleaned? The area is first protected with paper and masking tape to avoid over spray. We than vacuum removing any debris that may scratch soft stone. We than prespray and pressure wash with a rinse. We can than hone down etched stone returning it to the desired shine and seal with both impregnating and/or topical sealers.