Green Cleaning

The chemicals we choose  go a long way to our over all health. Chemicals we think are safe now may find latter were not.

So whats “Green” mean? Well I have been asked this question over and over. Its a tough question because there is a lot of answers. Its a color. Its a term that implies healthier  in some way. Many companies offer a certification that they sell to evaluate the safety of any given product. These certification are often all over the place some make sense and some don’t . Most green certifications are based on known toxic chemicals. Some like the EPA’s “Designed for the Environment “ program take both human health and the environment in to consideration. Some say green is “Organic” This literally just means that it has a carbon atom in the product. Some products claim detergent free when technically that includes water!

What’s important is that we remove as much organic or inorganic waste and keep your home as healthy as possible by removing toxic chemicals and the biological contaminates. We use natural surfactants, enzymes, oils and minerals like sea salts or volcanic ash in such a way that we can use earth chemistry to clean your home.

There is no one way to clean everything. Water can’t clean oil and you wouldn’t clean your laundry with dish soap. Cleaning is a craft. When cleaning, we must take into  consideration the materials, the construction,  the environment and possible contaminates. then we can evaluate the best cleaning method to use.